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Killer Instinct Gold

Ah the second worst port of this game, gold? More like a golden turd!

the N64 is a 3d machine right? when what’s with the pre rendered backgrounds and sprites? With use of parallax scrolling and mode 7 It should at least look as good as the SNES version! They did put some real 3d in this game and they stand out like a sore thumb and look very N64’ish seriously though Daikatana without the memory upgrade looks better than this!


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Killer Instinct

The worst version of killer instinct ever made!

the main reason for this being terrible is not the missing characters, its not the fact that its really really slow (mind you its still faster than Mortal Kombat II on this great handheld) its just that’s its so damn hard to see what the hell is going on!


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Killer instinct

This is a little more like it but doesn’t quite hit the mark

Although its exactly the same game as you would play on the Gameboy hardware putting this cart into your Super Gameboy or GBA/GBC/GBAsp or using the Gamecube Gameboy player instantly gets rid of the most annoying trait , not being able to see it! That’s why I felt it needed its own post as I would prefer to play this on the SGB than the N64.

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Killer Instinct

If (like me) you don’t have the arcade cabinet of Killer instinct just lying around. Then this is the best version you can play.

I’m sure most people do have the cab lying around, mind you

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Super Mario Land

Probably the most famous Gameboy game that doesn’t involve square blocks falling from the top of the screen.

I’m ashamed to say I have never completed Super Mario land I can never get past that alien guy at the end

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Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll

One of the greatest NES games if not greatest games ever!

I don’t care how you do it but you MUST play this game this month if not this week/hour

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Sanrio Carnival 2

This title is just plain odd but a must for Hello Kitty or My Melody fans

Having said that; although I like puzzle games as a rule, I couldn’t play this for long as it bored me

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